MMP were cost advisers and provided cost-benefit appraisal on a mixed use masterplan around Dun Laoghaire Harbour in Dublin, Ireland. The project comprised the demolition and relocation of the existing harbour buildings, provision of a new cruise ship pier, redeveloping roads and infrastructure and reclaiming part of the sea. The development included:

  • Retail 5,000m2
  • Hotel/Leisure 8,000m2
  • Business Units 5,000m2
  • Tourist/Cultural Buildings 15,000m2
  • Cafe/Bars/Restaurants 4,000m2
  • Offices/Commercial 5,000m2
  • Residential 32,000m2

Approximate value: €200 million (at time of estimate)

Client: Dun Laoghaire Harbour Development Co

Services: Masterplan Cost Management

Scale: €200 million