The project was proposed in the center of a new residential neighborhood in Dublin North, and included:

  • Mosque and Facilities c. 5,300m2, flanked by two minarets, with formal gardens, and courtyard
  • Community and Conference Center, 600 person capacity
  • Post Primary School, with General Purpose Hall & Library
  • Primary School
  • Swimming Pool and Gym
  • Three Storey Apartment Blocks
  • Shops and Café
  • Energy Center

The complex of cultural uses are arranged around a series of public civic spaces and private courtyard gardens, comprising c. 6 acres. The street is slightly realigned to accommodate the correct Qibla orientation for the Mosque (114.26° N).

The various buildings would be accessed from a central civic space, dominated by the Mosque to the east and the school to the west.

The community center has its own entrance to the square as well as being integral with the Mosque. The school is accessed from the square as is the swimming pool.

Client: Dublin Welfare Society Ltd

Service: Masterplan Cost Management

Scale: Approx 19,000 m2