Gerry O’Sullivan, FSCSI FRICS Barrister-at-Law, FCI Arb


Gerry is MMP’s construction law / legal consultant, a non-practising barrister acting as a dispute resolver in arbitration, adjudication, expert determination and conciliator/ mediation. He is also a Chartered Quantity Surveyor working in the industry over 40 years, having worked with MMP from 1979 to 1989 and laterally from 2000. In addition to his role as dispute resolver, Gerry acts as Expert in Quantum for Clients in Courts and Arbitrations. Gerry is a current member of the Governments Adjudication Panel and has extensive experience in many aspects of the Construction Industry. He has served on many professional committees within the Construction Industry and is a delegate of the CEEC (Construction Economists within European Community), and a member of the International Construction Measurement Standards Committee. Gerry also lectures on construction contracts at TCD and the Law Society. Gerry also manages a number of MMP’s educational, medical, commercial, residential and refurbishment projects.